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With its roots in the technical printing industry, Energik manages all aspects of large format reproduction. Our team, composed of designers, developers, and photographers, knows how to find the perfect mix of marketing objectives, powerful messages, and eye-catching images that will capture the attention of your customers. What's more, we take some of the weight off your shoulders by handling all your printing needs.

Whatever your requirements, a member of our multidisciplinary team will skilfully advise you on the various options available and help you find the one that works best for YOU. Contact us.

When using visual media such as posters and portable kiosks for your ads, you want to reach your target audience quickly and effectively. You must therefore create a clear and concise message that gets right to the point. Such a message involves image quality, resolution, and definition - elements that are essential to the success of your marketing communications.

Energik has more than one trick up its sleeve when it comes to creating posters and portable kiosks that will turn heads!

We put our imagination to work for you

Thanks to a successful partnership between graphic design and eye-catching messages, we are able to create ads that will set you apart and boost your business.

and much more...

The little details that make the difference... In order to offer our customers a fuller range of services, we take care of the little details that have an impact on your experience AND your results.

With its multidisciplinary team of seasoned professionals at its disposal, Energik can create eye-catching content in no time.

  • Optimized content development

    There is no container without content. Content is the very essence of your message. It states your business. It describes your products. In advertisements, content is the focal point on which concepts are based and variations developed. Content is paramount. It must be accurate, perfectly adapted, original, catchy, generate interest, and be somewhat unexpected. It must be perfect.

    Optimized content creation (optimized development, great images and photographs, etc.) is an art that must be mastered and only comes with years of experience. The content must not only reflect your intention; it must also be carefully written, have no faults or errors, be created with the right tools, and enhanced with that all-important finishing touch that can make all the difference. You must choose the right words, the right tone, powerful images, and highlight major points, thereby inciting visitors to read further and find out more.

    Web development - a technique carefully mastered by Energik. Website content must be developed with internet users in mind, i.e. written in a way that attracts them quickly and effectively to the message. The message must be CLEAR. You must also use clever keywords and specific web logic so that you can be recognized by Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engine. To be effective, the titles and sub-titles should be catchy, original, composed with cleverly chosen keywords, and include a certain number of characters. A good command of the many web elements and techniques is therefore essential when developing website content.

  • Photography/stock photos

    We have an eye for tracking down the best possible pictures. Our superior quality stock photos allow us to offer maximum resolution and royalty-free photographs that perfectly complement your visual content needs. We have millions of high-quality pictures at your disposal - eloquent and relevant photos, powerful images, technical illustrations, and product photos. All our photos are calibrated for printing, regardless of the method used, including digital and conventional printing and the web.

    We also offer personalized photography services, either on site or in the studio, as well as calibrations, retouching, and other visual effects that may be required. To learn more, contact one of our Energik advisors.

  • Translation

    Everything you need for effective communication! The Energik team also includes a network of experienced translators with an excellent command of several languages and the certifications required to practice their profession according to established standards. No matter what business or industry you are in, you can rest assured that our professional translators will deliver top-quality translations for all your bilingual communications.

  • Editing/proofreading

    To create a good impression, your communications must be flawless and not contain any errors. With a view to maintaining a consistent level of quality, Energik offers all its clients proofreading and editing services. We at Energik believe that effective communications must be faultless and formulated according to the language policy in force in Quebec. We therefore systematically proofread and edit the content of all written documentation. In so doing, we ensure that all your communications are of the highest caliber and adequately reflect the quality of YOUR IMAGE and YOUR BUSINESS.

  • Print management

    Why choose us for your print management needs? The answer is "for peace of mind and the best prices". Our team handles all your print management needs and makes sure you get perfect quality every time. We also guarantee you get the best possible prices and unsurpassed service. You can put your full trust in us!

  • Book publishing

    Energik handles your book publishing projects from start to finish, offering complete design, layout, calibration, and print management services. Whether large or small, your book publishing project will be carried out with precision and attention to quality, ensuring that the finished product will meet or even exceed your expectations.Our team is composed of experts who specialize in every stage of the process.

    Contact our printing consultants to learn about our turnkey book publishing solutions.

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