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Our Web and graphic design agency has been providing SMEs with images that speak volumes since 1997. Whether you need web design work or print advertising, we can help you develop marketing communication strategies that make a powerful impact.

As graphic design specialists

we develop YOUR image, a visual identity that clearly reflects who you are to your customers, defines your products, ensures maximum exposure in the marketplace, and makes your business flourish.

We have become a well-recognized

communications agency focusing its efforts on brand image enhancement for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Our range of services has expanded and our team has acquired specialized skills and experience, ultimately translating into benefits for our clients.

Today, we are continuing with our efforts

and our commitment to offer you specialized marketing communication services that go beyond appearances.

A personalized website created for your entreprise.

Why choose us?

Energik Communications... the name perfectly reflects who we are:
creative, inspired, thorough, talented, accurate, and energetic.
Reach your audience

In a world of rapidly changing technology, it is essential to remain relevant by staying at the forefront of current trends. Energik goes beyond the trends, knowing that the ultimate goal is to reach your audience, regardless of the technology used.

Generate concrete results

We work diligently to make your marketing projects and your communication tools a success. We offer innovative ideas that are in tune with the current trends, making sure that, first and foremost, your current and potential clients buy into them.

The strength of experience

Our proven method, combined with flawless execution, ensure effective and unmatched results. Over the years, Energik has become a well-recognized communications agency, focusing its efforts on brand image enhancement for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The primary reason our customers are so loyal to us : Our approach is based on concrete results.

Our team

A multidisciplinary team means MORE FOR YOU.
passionate and skilled

Composed of passionate and skilled professionals, our team has the imagination and experience needed to help you thrive in a highly competitive world.

Energik believes that effective communication lies in the ability to send and receive messages that are clear, accurate, and above all, understood by the person or persons with whom you are communicating. We therefore place a premium on customer dialogue, focusing on the needs of our clients, the environment within which they operate, and the objectives they want to achieve. Today, the website is a key communication tool. Its quality, however, is even more important. Your website must look professional and capture the appropriate appearance and character that best represents your business. Yet, more importantly, it must be user-friendly, fast, and efficient, thereby ensuring optimal user experience.

The client: a relationship of trust

To achieve successful results, we find it essential to interact with and listen to our clients, gaining a thorough understanding of their needs before undertaking any of their projects. This means establishing a relationship based on mutual trust that will allow us to support our clients in their marketing communication efforts. Our team is truly committed to our clients, offering customized solutions that generate tangible benefits every time.

Energik Communications... the name perfectly reflects who we are: creative, inspired, thorough, talented, accurate, and energetic.

The President

Successful project management - a subject he knows something about.

With over 30 years experience in graphic arts, André Guernon offers his clients the benefit of his in-depth knowledge, providing sound advice on solutions best suited to their individual needs.

Always attentive to his customers' needs, André believes that strong strategic planning is the starting point of any marketing communication project. That is why he works diligently to define your needs and objectives before presenting you with effective and original communication tools.

Filled with constantly renewed and creative energy, André works tirelessly to provide you with more than just satisfactory results.

His vision and his talent have allowed him to bring hundreds of innovative and widely recognized projects to fruition.

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