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Simple navigation, detailed tree structure, ease of use, logical and constant flow, specific features, etc. The purpose of ergonomics is to simplify website navigation so that any user can feel naturally at ease regardless of skill level. Visitors must be able to navigate the site easily and effectively. It also entails well-thought-out architecture containing organized and easy to find information.

Website Architecture.

Considered the backbone of any successful website, website architecture creates a solid foundation on which to design and build a website. It is therefore important to define the best way to lay out information and adapt it to the search tasks of the user. This approach, which allows for a more user-friendly website and easier to find information, will help you attract a higher number of site visitors.

Website Ergonomics.

Website ergonomics and architecture are closely related. In fact, they share the same primary goal, that of a better user experience. Ergonomics, however, encompasses more elements that allow your website to be more efficient and user-friendly, such as numerous features, readability, error and confirmation messages, selected terms, navigation, etc.

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